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eCommere platform

I was lead designer on Curtis Fitch's in-house eCommerce platform. The target was a mobile first platform that followed eCommerce best practice. It was used across several brands, B2B and B2C therefore the UI needed to be flexible. There were buy now, subscription and auction buying formats that required there own UX journeys. We continuously reviewed user interaction, with the aim to flag any part of the user journeys which could be improved.

Home page example

Simple Checkout Journey

Adding an item to the basket with a quick and simple route to the checkout was a must.

Checkout Flow

Product Detail Page (PDP)

Despite the requirement to show a lot of information, a clean layout was achieved while keeping the pricing and buy buttons obvious to the user.

Product detail page example

Buying formats

Each of the buying formats (buy now, subscription and auction) had common elements that were in the same size and position within the page structure, whilst also having their own specific elements.

Different buying formats

Style guide

Although prototypes were supplied to the developers, supporting documentation was designed and produced.

Example of documentation

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